Snacks- Snacks are used to give energy. There are 3 types of snacks.

Orange Juice- It can be easily get. You can get at your friends' timelines, excanging 1 star after finishing a case, at the main page of the Criminal Case's timeline, daily bonus and exchanging lucky cards. This snack gives you 20 energy because it is very easy to get.

Potato Chips- It is difficult to get. You can get only one to three everyday. Can get at your friends' timelines once a day, exchanging 2 stars after finishing a case, daily bonus and exchanging lucky cards. This snack gives you 50 energy because this snack is difficult to get.


Burger- It is very difficult to get. You cannot get it from your friends' timelines, daily bonus and exchanging lucky cards. Burgers can be obtained if you continue with the additional investigations for 3 stars after finishing a case. Starting from case #2, one character from each case will reward you a burger if you help them on their respective additional investigations. This snack will provide 120 energy because of it's rarity in the game.

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